The Plessis Pond

Healthy lifestyle and entertainment spot

If you're exploring Montceau, the chances are that you could encounter the Plessis pond at some point during your ramble.

Nestling at the heart of the town of Montceau, the Plessis pond was originally a water reservoir used to provide water for a mill. A breach later caused it to become unusable and it turned into a swampy pond. Works to transform it into a water supply basin for the Canal du Centre began in 1868.

A favorite spot for local fishermen, it is renowned for its perfect fishing conditions, and also for excellent night carp fishing.

The development of the lake allows the practice of many outdoor activities such as a sunday stroll, a jog or a bike ride. The Plessis pond is the ideal place to cool off on a sunny day, a spot where hundreds of people come to gather on its banks and enjoy spells of rural tranquility as well as scenic beauty.

"L’Été du Lac" (Summer on the lake)

Set around this picturesque pond since 2013, the town of Montceau-les-Mines prides itself on creating a hugely enjoyable, free, family friendly event for children and families on staycation during the holidays. In this peaceful haven for sports enthusiasts, walkers, hikers and fishermen alike, the festival boasts a program where entertainment, family activities and creativity collide to produce an event that captures with hearts and minds of attendees, regardless of age.

Plenty to do on the agenda: games, sports, water sports, cultural activities. The Plessis pond is literally turned into a vast playground for everyone: paddle boarding, sailing, pedal boats, canoeing, combat sports, rugby or football, golf, climbing, dancing, but also jumping around on inflatable structures and on trampolines.

During several evenings, there is a whole program of music and entertainment including shows, concerts and an open-air dance ball.

A truly unforgettable summer festival experience in Montceau what you’ll want to rediscover year after year.