Interactive investigation

at the Museum of Man and Industry

A captivating experience all the way through!

By Juliette, intern at the Tourist Office

From a factory to a castle

Inside the Château de la Verrerie, formerly the Royal Crystal Manufacture of the Queen, then the residence of the Schneider family, you’ll find a fascinating museum open to all. I had the opportunity to visit it myself and I am delighted to share my experience with you!

The Museum of Man and Industry can be seen through different ways: a self-guided tour to visit at your own pace, a guided tour mainly for groups or an interactive tour with the support of an mobile application.

What can one see in the museum ?

The museum is a big place with a lot to see and do: imposing models of locomotives, boats but also of factories, portraits, photography, paintings, precious objects and furniture. The impressive collection gives such a good insight into the Schneider family’s lifestyle, but also into the daily lives of their employees and into the harsh working conditions in Le Creusot's factories. In one of the museum's rooms, I was amazed by the complexity and exquisiteness of crystal items. I was able to admire from really close some of the highlights produced by the former crystal factory: crystal products on one side along vases, cups, glasses, chandeliers of all sizes on the other side. A feast for the eyes!

« Panic at the Museum », I tried it!

Step back in childhood during this very special visit. If you’ve ever pondered a day in the life of a detective, this interactive experience for young people is as close to the “real deal” as you can get.

It is as simple as downloading the application on your Android mobile phone and you’ll find yourself in the middle of an investigation for about 1hour and 30mins. Available in English or French and suitable for kids from 7 years old, it also allows parents to explore the museum at their own pace while the kids are busy. Don’t worry if you don’t own a mobile device that is adapted to the app, tablets are provided for free at the entrance of the museum.

Equipped with my tablet, I press the start button and the story begins…

For families with children from 7 years old

An intruder broke in the museum, damaged and stole precious items. I am taking charge of the investigation to find out who did this with the help of Marlow Piton who is going to assist me.

I wander through the museum looking for clues. In each room, details are brought to my attention and interactive games help me gather answers: puzzles, enigmas, various games to play…At the end of the visit I have identified the troublemaker.

I won’t tell you much more, it is now your turn to try and solve this mystery!



© CUCM - Sophie Vannier ; Oscara Photagraphe - Creusot Montceau Tourime ; Lesley Williamson.