Get a 360° view of Creusot Montceau

Our destination from different perspectives

We are spoiled for choice when it comes to a spectacular scenery!

The Villa Perrusson and its garden

Admire the huge variety of ceramics on the facades and roofs of the villa, reflecting in the sparkling pond in the park.


You can see all the way to famous Mont Blanc from our highest spot! Enjoy the panoramic view from the village.

Panoramic view over Le Creusot

Enjoy a large view over Le Creusot from its original industrial heart to the château de la Verrerie.

The Château de la Verrerie and its park

From the rear terrace of the castle, contemplate the facades of the chateau and the landscaped park.

Petit Théâtre de la Verrerie

This private theater is a treasure you can discover when visiting the Chateau de la Verrerie.

Lake de la Sorme

A delightful lake for nature lovers, outdoor activities and wildlife observation in all its natural beauty.

Écuisses et les 7 Écluses

The village of Écuisses lies on the banks of the Canal du Centre.

Montceau: Yacht Marina

Enjoy the view of the town centre of Montceau from above the Canal du Centre and the marina.

Montceau: the parks

On entering town, the parks Maugrand and Saint-louis are landscaped on the grounds of the former coal mines. A golf, playgrounds, a conservatory orchard, walking paths: there's definitely something for everyone!

Blanzy Mine Museum

Explore the underground galleries and discover the harsh realities of coal mining in Blanzy through the centuries.


Built around its church, the village was at the forefront of the industrial adventure of Le Creusot.

Lake Montaubry

This water reservoir of the Canal du Centre is a hot spot for fishermen, nature lovers, water sports enthusiasts and swimmers alike.

Vallée du Mesvrin

Enjoy the lush greenery of the first hills of the Morvan, a perfect place to hike!


The village of Saint-Sernin is situated along a lake, a picturesque place to enjoy.

Church of Gourdon

The Romanesque church of Gourdon is famous for its original frescoes and sculpted capitals.

The Briqueterie in Ciry-le-Noble

This brickyard was preserved after its closure. You can now visit the factory and see how the bricks were made.

Church of Perrecy-les-Forges

The church is a remarkable testimony to the old priory that used to stand here.

Brandon pond

Situated in Saint-Pierre-de-Varennes, this pond is a water reservoir. It is also a nice place for a walk.