Walking along the Canal du Centre

The Canal du Centre is not only for pleasure boats to enjoy. It also offers beautiful walks along its banks.

Walking is one of the nicest ways to explore the beautiful canal that crosses the whole area of Creusot Montceau. Whether you fancy a gentle stroll or a vigorous all-day hike, by walking along the towpaths you’re guaranteed a traffic-free route, diverse scenery and relaxing views of the water.

Aside from locks, the path is flat and there’s little chance of getting lost. The banks of the canal are accessible to all for rejuvenating canal side walks. Here’s a round-up of the most scenic walks.

Le sentier de la tranchée de Génelard (the path of the Génelard trench)

Follow the interpretation trail to discover this amazing work of art from its construction. Information panels are dotted along the path for an insight into the history of the canal and the village of Génelard.

Take a walk in the heart of Montceau

With a small booklet in hand, follow the Tourist Office’s self-guided walk along the canal and through the streets of the town centre to discover the past of the mining town of Montceau.

Follow the Green Way

Starting from Écuisses and heading towards Saint-Julien, then Saint-Léger-Dheune, the old towpath once used to tow boats has become a traffic free path to accommodate a variety of trail users, including bicyclists, walkers, hikers, joggers, skaters…

These inspiring walks on both sides of the canal allow you to appreciate all the quiet and peaceful scenery, history and wildlife that our historic waterway has to offer.