The interpretation trail of the Génelard trench

Discover the history and the legacy of the Canal du Centre

At the end of the 18th century, while digging the Canal du Centre following the course of the river Bourbince, a shortcut was created to avoid going around the full loop of the river. A impressive trench was dug near the town of Génelard, the greatest of all three trenches of the Canal : almost 500 meters long and 15 meters deep. The two other trenches are located in Chagny and in Longpendu near the town of Écuisses.

On the banks of the canal in Genelard, along this trench entirely covered in stone, follow the two kilometre pedestrian path. Information boards on the story of Génelard explain in a fun way the crucial role played by the Canal du Centre in local development and local economy : the transport of materials and goods (coal, wood, iron, stones, tiles ...), industries, old professions that have nowadays disapeared...

Accessible to all, interpretation boards are translated into English. Explanations in German and Dutch can be accessed on smartphone or tablet thanks to QR codes.

A perfect itinerary to enjoy the village of Génelard with the family!