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Discover miles of traffic-free towpaths that shaped the stunning waterside scenery of our region.

EuroVelo 6, a European cycling itinerary

From the Atlantic ocean to the Black sea, the EuroVelo 6 provides a green and safe corridor through cities, towns and villages to cycle across Europe from east to west, across the Loire, the Rhine and the Danube rivers.

Connecting and uniting the entire European continent, EuroVelo 6 is one of the most pleasant and scenic cycling routes, stretching across 1300 km of traffic-free cycling paths through France.

EuroVelo 6 cycling route connects the region of Alsace to the Atlantic ocean by following the canal from the Rhône river to the Rhine river, the Doubs and Saône valleys, the Canal du Centre in Burgundy before linking to « the Loire à Vélo » cycling route - the Loire being the last wild river in France - until it reaches the ocean at the mouth of the river in Saint-Brevin-les-Pins.

From Chalon to Digoin, from the Saône to the Loire, this section of the EuroVelo 6 in France follows the Canal du Centre which bypasses southern Burgundy. A beautiful route punctuated by charming towns, vineyards and cattle grazing on rolling hills. This fantastic cycling adventure is a perfect blend of cultural heritage, industrial legacy and natural landscapes.

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Canal du Centre ©franck juillot

The Green Way (Voie Verte)

Back in 1997, the french department of Saône-et-Loire was the first to introduce and launch the concept of "Green Ways", paths reserved for non-motorized traffic such as cyclists, pedestrians, roller-skaters and people with reduced mobility. With immediate success, Green Ways soon became a reference in France and abroad.

From Chalon-sur-Saône to the outskirts of Mâcon, this itinerary cuts through the rocky landscapes of the Solutré, Pouilly and Vergisson. Awarded with the "Grands Sites de France" label, this site, managed with sustainable development principles, combines the discovery of wine specificities of the Côte Chalonnaise and historical heritage, the spiritual radiance of the Clunysois area and the poetic reminiscences of the Val lamartinien.

Southern Burgundy boasts many Green Ways linking together the main cities of Saône-et-Loire. Beautiful landscapes, vineyards, hills, rivers and lakes turn these cycling routes into a cyclist’s dream journey.

Between Chagny and Montchanin, you will find a Green Way along the Canal allowing you to explore the countryside safely and peacefully, whether you are walking, cycling, jogging or roller-blading.


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