Ceramic Houses

Find out how local ceramic makers were at the forefront of innovative commercial strategies in the 19th century.

Celebrating their professional success and wealth, and in an attempt to showcase it, the ceramic maker Perrusson presents its bricks, tiles and earthenware on the striking facades and roofs of houses and civic buildings around his factory.

A real showroom before our time... a remarkable technique to capture the attention of passers-by and potential future customers!

Dots of ochre, orange, green, blue, red, yellow ... A real explosion of colours splashes the exuberant facades of houses in the villages of Montchanin and Ecuisses.


Plenty of the beautifully decorated houses along the Canal du Centre showcase the typical ceramic style produced in Montchanin and Ecuisses, known as polychrome decorative ceramics.

A life-size catalogue displaying the industrial know-know of the entire area… An absolute must-see!