Parks and greenspaces of Montceau

Enter a natural paradise found in the heart of town

On the outskirts of town, coal mining profoundly transformed the landscapes forever. Extraction pits in the 19th century, then open quarries in the 20th century were operated over a large area until coal mines were finally closed down in a decade between 1990 and 2000.

Designed and rehabilitated within Montceau’s former mining quarries, two vast landscaped parks have become popular leisure greenspaces for local residents, sports lovers and families: the Maugrand and Saint-Louis parks. In these havens of peace and tranquillity, take a stroll through shaded walking paths; discover farm animals and children’s playground areas.

Follow the mining pits interpretation trail that will take you through the parks living history. In addition to lakes, the remaining pits and old quarries have naturally filled with water to form huge ponds. The strange metallic structure in the shape of a pagoda you can see is actually the roof of the former central explosive reserve, necessary for digging tunnels.

The many recreational trails of our parks invite hikers, cyclists, rollerbladers, and nature lovers of all ages to get outdoors and enjoy the beautiful natural landscapes. Come for a short stroll, a morning jog, a fitness trail or even a little golf practice!

Montceau's parks are idyllic to escape the hectic rush of town. Everyone seeking relaxation will leave here feeling rejuvenated and more knowledgeable about the mining history of Montceau.