Self-Guided Walking Tour of Montceau

Discover the highlights & hidden gems

Enjoy our brochure to explore the town centre of Montceau-les-Mines and its glorious mining past.

Aperçu de la brochure Promenade au coeur de Montceau. © Creusot Montceau Tourisme.

Whether you are a day visitor, a cruiser moored at the marina or a curious local itching to know more about the town, the Tourist Office invites you to explore the town centre on your own and immerse yourself in the history of Montceau.

Born with the coal mining activity, the town was a bustling mining community completely focused around this economy. As it developed, the whole architecture and social structure of the town was influenced by mining:  its perfectly laid out streets, its different districts separating social classes and activities. The collapse of coal mining also had a huge impact on the town: neighborhoods were renovated or requalified, mining areas were transformed…

The walking tour will give you a great insight into the town’s past, its major attractions, its landmarks and highlights, its places of worship, cultural venues, restaurants and cafes.

To understand how this mining town reconverted into a modern urban space, follow the walking tour on this illustrated booklet. Accessible to all, a main itinerary leads you across the canal and through the main streets of the town centre for around one hour to one hour and a half. Displaying old photos, landscape views and drawings, it will enable you to deepen your knowledge of the town by observing specific buildings. If you are keen to continue, a further itinerary will lead you to the former mining area reconverted into beautiful landscaped parks (an extra 30 mins walk) where you can relax in greenery and indulge by the water.

On sale for € 2.00, the booklet entitled Walk in the Centre of Montceau is available at the counter of the Tourist Office in three languages (French, English and German).

Enjoy the walk !