Industrial heritage

Besides coal mining, Montceau developped around other industrial activities. A captivating industrial heritage accessible to visitors today.

A huge manufacturing centre

Coal mining gave birth to the town of Montceau. Mining quickly facilitated the establishment of other industrial activities: tools and machinery factories and a range of suppliers settled nearby their main client. These companies largely benefited from the rapid growth of the population and of the workforce and contributed to the development of the city.

While men were mainly dedicated to the mines, a female workforce was also available. A huge asset for the textile industry in particular which took advantage of the situation. Textile workshops emerged between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. The basin specialised in manufacturing socks, stockings and tights. The Gerbe Establishments were created in in 1904 in Saint-Vallier, followed in 1924 by the Perrin Manufacture in Montceau.

Although hit by the crisis and foreign competition, the companies in Monceau remain dynamic today: Gerbe specialises in high-end stockings and pantyhose while Perrin produces several brands that have earned a reputation for their comfort, their strength and their originality. The Monnet factory has become an expert in manufacturing sports socks.

Presenting the local know-how, two of these factories welcome visitors for technical visits of the industrial installations. An insight into traditional industries that have forged the excellent reputation of Montceau. Don’t miss these sites to visit!

Two must-see places

The Perrin Manufacture

Ambassador of socks “made in France”, the Perrin Manufacture can be explored through a guided visit of the workshops. A captivating visit for all ages !  

The Aillot factory

Specialised in mechanical engineering from 1875, this industrial factory was turned into a Vintage Trucks Gallery and museum. Inside the huge brick buildings, discover a superb collection of classic vehicles. A friendly and vintage atmosphere awaits!