The Parc des Combes amusement park

Welcome to the kingdom of fun and adrenalin!

Enjoy the thrills of a fun day out with the family in Burgundy’s most ride intensive theme park during your holidays in Le Creusot.

Détail d'une attcation du Parc des Combes, Le Creusot. © Lesley Williamson.

Perched on the heights of town, the Parc des Combes amusement park has all you need to get your thrill fix on a great family day out. There is something for everyone to enjoy!  

Children and little adventurers have a blast running from one ride to the other with excitement, from the Grand Galop to the Zipline, from the Squadron to the Hot Air Balloons, the Woodside 66 to the Carrousel, or from the Small Flying Chairs to the River of Barrels.

But if it’s adrenalin fuelled adventure you are looking for, you have come to the right place!

Try the 6 metre-high propulsion at the Vertingo ride or the Alpine Coaster, a 435 meters-long roller coaster speeding at 40 km / hour. The Boomerang rises up to 19 meters high, it’s high-speed circuit of twist and turns reaches 60km / hour. Hang on in the Déval'Train, a 207-meter long looping roller coaster that takes you on a vertiginous race into the heart of the Combes coalmine. Always ahead of the game when it comes to thrills, this unique ride in France was installed by the same company than the famous Train de la Mine at Disneyland Paris.

Embark aboard the Nautic Jet, an 8-meter high boat ride finishing in a water basin. The more adventurous will try the Canad'R, the park’s highest attraction at 38 meters high, full of loops and surprising special effects. An exclusive ride in France in collaboration with Universal-Effects guaranteeing a high dose of adrenalin with it’s flying baskets turning in the air at more than a 100km per hour!

Les plus téméraires affronteront le Canad'R, l’attraction la plus haute du Parc avec ses 38 mètres de haut, ses loopings et ses effets spéciaux surprenants, une exclusivité française. Sensations fortes garanties pour les 8 passagers qui tournent librement dans leur nacelle, à 5G de force et plus de 100km/h !

When you need a rest, the Parc des Combes features picnic areas to settle down with the family. It is also the place to be if you want to experience the joys of steam train travel on a train dating back from 1900, on a 10km track through lush vegetation.

On board the steam train "Le Tacot des Crouillotes" you will discover surprising views of the Beaujolais and Morvan mountains, bridges, gorges, waterfalls and tunnels along the railway, definitely giving the ride a mountain feel. A perfect way of discovering the industrial and railway history of Le Creusot and admiring the famous steam locomotive 241P17l, now heritage listed.

This community park was created in the 1980’s by a bunch of volunteers passionate about rehabilitating the « Tacot des Crouillottes » , the railway that played a major role in conveying industrial goods from the Schneider factories.  The good thing is that all the family can join without everyone having to purchase a ticket. Parents, grandparents and tiny ones can come along for free if they are only accompanying.

Family thrills and memories that will last a lifetime are assured at the Parc des Combes and there is plenty to keep all ages amused, including shows and entertainment.


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