Lakes and water reservoirs around Le Creusot

Whether you are seeking thrilling adventures or gentle escapism, there are no better places to be outdoors than the lakes and ponds around Le Creusot!

Crossed by the Canal du Centre, the Urban Community of Creusot Montceau stands at its highest point, near the Atlantic ocean / Mediterranean sea watershed. Water reservoirs were created around the canal to provide continuous water supplies to the inland waterway.

The town of Le Creusot and the nearby villages have plenty of watery places to explore. The lake of Leduc and the lake of Torcy Neuf in Torcy, the lake of Montaubry, the lake of Breuil, the lake of Bertaud or the lake of Longpendu in Montchanin, to name a few, are dotted around the area so although you’re in the middle of Burgundy, you’re never truly too far away from water!

For locals and visitors alike, walking and cycling are favourite activities around these havens of peace and tranquillity, as well as fishing and practicing a variety of water sports.


The Montaubry lake's lush grassy-banks lined with shady trees make it an ideal place for a refreshing swim or to soak up some summer sun. The beach of Patins, accessible from the town of Breuil has a supervised bathing area in summer to delight families. The lake of Montaubry also hosts a waterski club where you can take an introductory wakeboarding or waterskiiing lesson.


At the south of Le Creusot, the lake of Torcy is a renowned fishing spot. Sailing, windsurfing and rowing are favourite activities on this lake. As a matter of fact, the lake of Torcy hosts prestigious national competitions and rowing championships are regularly held here.


Further north of Le Creusot, the Schneider Company built an imposing dam in the early 20th century to supply water to the factories. The dam is the starting point of many countryside hiking trails, perfect for family outings and walking adventures. Situated on the shores of the water reservoir, the village of Saint-Sernin, with its church and former priory, has a backdrop of beautiful open countryside.

Relax or get active! The water reservoirs and lakes of Le Creusot have all sorts, for every type of visitor from keen hikers, cyclists, paddlers, sailors to thrill-seeking adrenaline-junkies!