An anglers paradise

For family fishing holidays

The many lakes and ponds of the Creusot Montceau area provide some beautiful spots perfect for every level of fishing and angling and at all ages!

Lakes and reservoirs of the former mining area

The Bourbince area features interesting rivers to fish cyprinids (stud, roach, chub). A favourite spot for local anglers who enjoy the largest lakes of Saone-et-Loire: the Sorme (230 acres), Torcy (164 acres), Breuil (70 acres), Berthaud (50 acres) and Montchanin (40 acres). All situated between Le Creusot and Montceau-les-Mines, these lakes are easy to reach and offer undisturbed, peaceful fishing for all the family in beautiful surroundings. The shallow waters are ideal for carp fishing, but also home to large numbers of other freshwater fish such as pike and sander.

The Canal du Centre

Between Ecuisses and Digoin, the Canal du Centre runs along the Bourbince, from one end to the other. Being the main predator here, there are great sander stocks is this waterway and many fishing trails allow night time carp fishing in the canal.

The Dheune river

The Dheune is a small river meandering through the Chalonnais area. It offers many fishing opportunities and you will be treated to a multitude of white fish species to catch along the river. The hot spots for angling are the Canal du Centre and two major water reservoirs of the Canal: the lake of Montaubry (128 acres) and the lake of Longpendu (32 acres).

During your stay in Creusot-Montceau, enjoy the fishing spots and relaxed rural lifestyle!

Fishing pass

Please note that fishing passes are available in both of the Tourist Office visitor centres (Montceau and Le Creusot): Annual pass, Discovery pass, Weekly pass. For more information, call +33 (0)3 85 55 02 46.