Entertainment and shows in Le Creusot

Le Creusot offer a wealth of entertainment, a vibrant national stage and a vigorous cultural community.

Due to its industrial past, leisure and entertainment facilities, such as the theatre, as well as dynamic creative communities are truly part of Le Creusot’s cultural inheritance.

L'arc - scène nationale Le Creusot

In the spirit of cultural and artistic venues initiated by the French novelist, art theorist and Minister of Cultural Affairs André Malraux, L’Arc welcomes visitors in Le Creusot since 1967. When the venue opened in 1968, it was the first cultural centre in France, later awarded “ National Stage ” in 1991.  Located in the heart of town, it boasts an exhibition gallery and 2 large rooms with seating capacities of 941 and 235 seats.

L’Arc - National Stage offers an exciting and varied annual cultural program open to all: theatre circus, dance, music, shows for young audiences, etc. Each cultural season focuses on resident artists, regular visiting artists and a major annual exhibition. With affordable tickets to all kind of shows, L’Arc - National Stage plays a major role in the city’s cultural offering.

Besides L’Arc, shows and exhibitions are regularly hosted at the Alto, a large venue featuring a vast hall, an amphitheatre, a music and dance school, as well as in the Ampli, a space dedicated to contemporary music. The Nef, a multipurpose hall and the sports hall add up to the list of facilities hosting cultural events in Le Creusot.

From arts and exhibitions to comedy and entertainment, there is always something happening in Le Creusot whatever the time of year.