Le Creusot’s cultural buzz

Performing Arts

Thanks to a dazzlingly rich history, you’re bound to find a bit of culture in every corner of Le Creusot!

L'arc scène nationale, Le Creusot. © Creusot montceau Tourisme.

Spend time in Le Creusot and it rapidly becomes apparent just how much the town has reinvented its industrial past into a new, trendsetting present - and an ambitious future.

Home to a network of various organisations and dynamic associations, Le Creusot and its suburbs boast a rich cultural offer for arts and culture enthusiasts.  The national theater stage “L’Arc Scène Nationale Le Creusot” has earned a reputation nationally as one of Burgundy’s most exciting producing theatres and performing arts scene: theater, music, dance, circus, exhibitions ...

With an engaging and accessible programme to all members of the community as well as visitors, “Le Creusot Initiatives” also hosts entertainment shows all year-round.

The town itself hosts an annual summer festival, completely free, which spreads over the entire municipality. With street theater, circus performances, outdoor cinema, this event guarantees a great entertainment in the town’s lively neighborhoods from July to August.

Finally, our many creative communities showcase the best of local talents in a range of cultural and festive gatherings: exhibitions, fairs, festivals.

To find out more about upcoming events, check out our calendar of events or check out our Culture & Events page.