The Museum of Man and Industry

Connect with Le Creusot’s industrial history

History comes alive at Le Creusot’s Museum of Man and Industry.

Housed in the magnificent building of the Château de la Verrerie, this fascinating museum explores the connection between men and industry through the impressive collections of the Ecomuseum Creusot Montceau. Educational and entertaining, it is a perfect visit for both adults and children.

A place devoted to inspire visitors of Le Creusot

The museum tells the story of how a small hamlet’s destiny can be turned around by the Industrial Revolution. It is a story that the Museum of Man and Industry is uniquely placed to tell, on the site of the former glass and crystal Royal Manufacture, later the Residence of the Schneider family. Discover the story of a French industrial city that changed the face of industry forever with innovation in science and technology.


Two floors to explore the past and understand the present

On the ground floor, models of locomotives and boats refer to the historic twist brought by steam power and its impact on transportation in the late 18th century.

On the first floor, paintings, models and temporary exhibitions engage the imagination of visitors on the general atmosphere of the industrial town, its factories, working conditions in the forges for generations of men in the 19th and 20th centuries. Referring to the initial purpose of the building, a collection of 19th century elegant glassware, crystals and opalines is exhibited and showcases perfectly antique local craft and objects of art produced by the “Cristallerie Royale”.

In the intimacy of their former home, personal artefacts and portraits of members of the Schneider family are displayed to allow visitors to delve deeper into the history and the extraordinary legacy this paternalistic dynasty left on Le Creusot.

Marvel at the famous miniature factory exhibited on the first floor, a true handmade masterpiece by Joseph Beuchot. This former mechanic of the Forges of Fraisans in Franche-Comté began the construction of this model in the 1890s and continued building it for twenty years. The miniature factory expands on 5.40 meters long and 2 meters wide to provide a fully immersive experience inside a working factory. Check out the lively and animated miniature forge, the massive steam hammer and rolling mills, the hand forge and the carpentry workshop featuring 38 workers in action.

Captivating and strikingly realistic, this is definitely something you do not want to miss during your stay in Le Creusot !


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