The Industry Pavilion

An interactive journey through innovations that changed the world, from the Industrial Revolution to today and beyond

Visite intéractive du Pavillon de l'Industrie, Le Creusot. © Lesley Williamson.

While you are visiting the Château de la Verrerie, get a closer look at industrialisation in Le Creusot by exploring the Industry Pavilion.  Be inspired by the wonders of science, enjoy the models and demonstrations of historic working machinery, understand the incredible industrial adventure of Le Creusot and celebrate innovation.  

This captivating museum is located in the Jeu de Paume building, initially a covered tennis court to entertain the Schneider family, built between 1908 and 1910. It was recently completely renovated to welcome the public and offer a brand new museum scenography.

At the Industry pavilion, the thirst for knowledge inspires curiosity and innovation. From exclusive videos, 3D animations to historical displays and augmented reality, the exhibits here immerse you in the technological, scientific and industrial achievements that have changed Le Creusot, the world and that continue to evolve. The interpretation centre highlights Le Creusot’s pioneering spirit and Burgundy’s manufacturing excellence throughout the past centuries.

An ultimate interactive experience focused on Le Creusot

The Industry Pavilion provides an interactive museum experience to meet the expectations of visitors of all ages. Equipped with a tactile tablet, wander freely through the creative space to explore centuries of technological innovation and the high-technology of today. An engaging guided tour at your own pace awaits! 

To start the visit, two fantastic miniature 3D models of Le Creusot reflect what the town and factories looked like in 1836 and in 1900. These impressive 3D models were displayed at the 1900 Universal Exhibition in Paris under the Schneider Pavilion. The comprehensive gallery tells the story of the industrial boom and the simultaneous urban revolutions that took place in Le Creusot in the 19th century. A section of the museum is dedicated to the evolution of architecture and social policies following the growing industrialisation process.

A great collection of models and giant screen projections

During the visit, admire magnificent small-scale models of steam locomotives, electric and diesel locomotives, torpedo boat, the 30 000kw turbo-alternator, Santiago de Chile’s train station and the Borcéa railway viaduct in Romania.  

Step back in time during a 10-minute film projection on a giant screen to find out about metalwork that forever affected the industrial revolution. The world's largest steel hammer at the time, the famous hammer of Le Creusot is brought back to life, with massive drop pistons allowing men to forge huge pieces of metal such as the first transatlantic transmission shafts in 1876. Visitors experience the busy world of industrial workshops, the noisy atmosphere of steel factories and gigantic industrial machines.

The Industry Pavilion of Le Creusot provides a unique insight into the profound technological changes the industry has undergone in the past 250 years. A captivating visit !


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