Farmland and fantastic rural landscapes

The lush countryside of Creusot-Montceau offers a diversity of rich pastoral landscapes and spectacular panoramic views.

Just a stone throw from the urban industrial architecture, the countryside of Creusot- Montceau opens up to a completely different world: the green valleys and meadows of the Charolais and Brionnais countries never fail to capture the heart of nature lovers and walkers alike.

As the sun breaks through the morning mist floating above the sleepy meadows, the atmosphere of the rolling countryside gets mysterious, almost enchanting. There are no factories, no industrial chimneys, no noise out here. If only, the mowing of the local celebrities, the famous Charolais cows.  Tranquillity and silence replaces the buzz of nearby towns and inspire long walks in nature, along the hedges, the plains and the woodlands.

There really is time to breathe deep and savour a taste of country life in Creusot-Montceau. Enjoy a bike trail or a horse ride, or simply wander randomly along the winding roads to discover beautiful scenery and breath-taking panoramic views.


Climb up the charming village of Mont-Saint-Vincent to admire the vastness of the hilly Beaujolais and Mont du Mâconnais. From the lookout of Belvedere du Creusot, contemplate the views over town and over the Morvan right through to the Mont Blanc mountains on clear days. You can also enjoy stunning rolling hills views from the top of the quaint villages of Montcenis and Gourdon.

Throughout the countryside, you will drive along roads that crisscross farmlands and traverse rich pastures where beef and dairy cattle roam and graze freely. Holidaymakers and local adventurers always enjoy stopping in a country inn or in a typical French restaurant along the way, at a local farm to sample regional delicacies or for a friendly chat with producers.

The joys and the beauty of the Creusot-Montceau countryside!