The Morvan

and its regional natural park

Close to the first peaks, Le Creusot is a perfect starting point for exploring the heights of the Morvan and its great outdoors.

In the heart of Burgundy, bordering the departments of Saône-et-Loire, Nièvre, Côte-d'Or and Yonne, the Morvan is a mountainous area renowned for its natural landscapes and tranquillity.

The first hills of the Morvan are easily reachable from Le Creusot as you drive towards Autun or Étang-sur-Arroux. With hills and flat-topped ridges, the Morvan culminates in Haut-Folin at 901 meters high.  In this primarily agricultural region, local specialties include cattle breeding and forestry. The Morvan is also home to an outstanding regional nature park boasting plenty of exciting and rejuvenating outdoor leisure activities in the middle of lush nature.

A scenic nature destination

Nature comes boundless along the several hiking trails (GR) across the Morvan for visitors to encounter a great variety of landscapes from green meadows to forests. On hot summer days, the vast lakes of the Morvan (water reservoirs from the 19th and 20th centuries) are favourite spots to cool down and relax, highly appreciated by locals and visitors alike.

Traditions in the Morvan are alive, especially activities related to forestry still at the centre of local economy. In the old days, Paris was largely supplied by wood from the Morvan. Nowadays, forest activity is mainly centred around growing Christmas trees and wood crafts.

Rural and agricultural land

Visitors can discover the history of the region through several museums in the Morvan area : the Museum of Celtic civilization in Bibracte, the Ecomuseum of the Morvan and the Resistance Museum. To delight your taste buds with local food – remember you are in Burgundy’s culinary heaven, taste the local specialities such as the traditional ham of the Morvan, the famous Burgundy snails and a variety of local cheeses.

With countless views to enjoy, hills to hike and villages to stroll around, the Morvan is the perfect getaway from Le Creusot to explore the wilderness and recharge your batteries.